Attorney Scott Metz has retired and closed his office effective July 31, 2023.  If Attorney Metz provided you with legal services less than seven years ago, he has retained your file and you may request to pick it up.  

Attorney Metz's e-mail address and telephone number are still active as follows:

E-mail:  metzlaw@att.net

Telephone:  920-739-9999

You may contact Attorney Metz by e-mail or telephone to make arrangements to pick up your file.

Attorney Metz does not have a recommendation for a new attorney. Attorney Brandt Swardenski of Neenah is aware of Attorney Metz's retirement and is willing to handle family law matters for his past clients.  Attorney Metz recommends that you contact several attorneys to find one in which you are comfortable. 

Attorney Metz thanks his past clients for trusting him to handle their legal needs.